Tax Strategies

Do you know what tax rates will be next year…in 5 years…or at the time you retire?

Unless you have a crystal ball, you probably don’t.

But one thing is likely – and that is taxes are more apt to go up in the future than they are to go down.

Throughout the past decade or so, the U.S. has been in the midst of a historically low tax environment. But, given our massive national debt, coupled with “unfunded liabilities” like Social Security and Medicare, the government will need a way to pay the tab. And that money will likely come by way of higher taxes.

The truth is that whether you realize it or not, in any tax environment, you have a partner who will receive a portion of your retirement income and investment gains. That partner is Uncle Sam.

In fact, the better your investments have performed over the years, and the more income you generate, the more Uncle Sam likes it, because he could very well be reaping much of the reward.

This is why it is absolutely essential that you have viable tax strategies in place so that you may be able to keep more – sometimes much more – of your hard-earned assets in your own pocket.

How much of a difference would hanging on to 20%, 30%, 40% or more make to your retirement lifestyle?

At Frank Financial Concepts, we are well-versed in tax-reduction strategies so that you may be able to increase your net returns.

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