Retirement Income

When you set money aside for retirement, is your ultimate goal to:

  1. Build a large nest egg, regardless of its future liquidity and tax obligation, or to
  2. Replace your paycheck so that may attain financial freedom for the remainder of your lifetime?

If you’re like most people, you may be saving and investing on a regular basis. But the truth is, that’s only half the battle – because retirees don’t live on net worth, they live on income.

So, unless or until you have a method in place for converting your savings and investments into an income stream, your retirement plan may not be truly be complete.

For moving you closer to your goals, we use a process that may help you to dig down deep and clarify what true financial freedom in retirement means to you.

In doing so, we may be able to develop a much more precise “financial roadmap” for you for meeting your specific objectives.

When you’re ready to create an ongoing and sustainable income plan for the future, we may be able to put you on the right track.